Bespoke ceremonies.

Tailored for you and your loved ones.


My name is Linda Sewell, and I am a qualified independent Celebrant based in Surrey.

There are many occasions in life that are marked by a ceremony, be it happy milestones like weddings and baby namings, or sad ones with the death of a loved one.


Ceremony marks these life events and as a Celebrant I can help you achieve the ceremony that is right for you.


The ceremony YOU choose can be unique, appropriate for your needs and truly memorable. I take great pride in providing bespoke ceremonies and ensure that your needs are first and foremost.


So if you are looking for a Celebrant you can trust and would like to learn more then please do contact me so that I can help you achieve the ceremony you deserve.




At the heart of a perfect wedding is the perfect match. Having found each other, the perfect ceremony joins two hearts in love forever.

Your ceremony can be as unique and individual as you. It can reflect your values and beliefs, and your vows to each other can be personal and profound.


Welcoming a child into a family is a very special moment for every family.  Conventional baptism or christening is not the only way to celebrate your child's arrival.

We can work together on a unique and personal ceremony to welcome the new addition to your family.


The passing of a loved one is a sad time for every family. 

More than any other ceremony, the funeral needs to be personal and appropriate. Tell your loved ones' stories in a respectful way that honours them.

A good funeral is the first step in the healing process, let me help you on that path.





Thank you for your enquiry, I'll be in touch soon.